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The St. Thomas Libraries assign subject librarians to every academic program. In support of their program, subject librarians:

  • Provide in-depth research consultations to students, faculty, and staff
  • Teach classes on library use and research methods
  • Purchase journals, books, and electronic resources

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  • Cindy Badilla-Melendez

    Cindy Badilla-Melendez

    Film Studies, Music, Modern & Classical Languages, Videos

  • Karen Brunner

    Karen Brunner

    Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Health & Exercise Science, Nursing

  • Kate Burke

    Kate Burke

    Air Force ROTC, Art History, Catholic Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Student Affairs

  • Merrie Davidson

    Merrie Davidson

    Criminal Justice, Family Studies, Neuroscience, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology

  • Marianne Hageman

    Marianne Hageman

    Business, Communication & Journalism

  • John Heintz

    John Heintz

    Research Data Services, Accounting, Analytics, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, Statistics

  • Ann Kenne

    Ann Kenne

    History, Irish Studies

  • Andrea Koeppe

    Andrea Koeppe

    Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Business Law, Justice & Peace Studies, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Operations & Supply Chain Management

  • Janice Kragness

    Janice Kragness

    Justice and Peace Studies, Dougherty Family College

  • Betsy Polakowski

    Betsy Polakowski

    Theology & Religion

  • Conrad Woxland

    Conrad Woxland

    Education, Social Sciences